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In Store Cleaning

We now offer in store professional cleaning services. For best results minimum of 2 hours cleaning time. 2 pieces at a time $20. Send us a message for more info or come by! Gold jewelry can be subjected to testing prior to offering service. 

Caring for your Gold Jewelry 

1. To brighten and polish your Gold Jewelry use a liquid Gold Cleaner and follow the directions. 10kt Gold is easier to tarnish and dull because of its higher content of other metals. 

2. Only use a Cleaner that specifies it's okay to use on precious Gemstones if your jewelry has real diamonds.

3. Jewelry that has many stones requires extra care, remove when washing hands, do not bang or hit against surfaces, take off when showering; water can cause stones to become loose. This can prevent them from coming off. 


4. Use a polishing cloth in between deep cleanings to keep your gold bright and shiny.  

5. Thin chains or thin rings are more delicate and require gentle care. Ex: take off before bedtime, do not pull on chains, etc. 

We offer Jewelry repair and at the moment only for jewelry that has been purchased from Dora's Kisses Jewelry. 

Caring for your Sterling Silver Jewelry

1. To keep your jewels ultra sparkly and stones from coming loose and falling out, do not submerge in water. Remove when washing hands. It can also cause the stones to become dull.


2. The anti-tarnish finish on each piece keeps your jewelry from turning and keeps it looking shiny. Your jewelry requires little cleaning.


3. For deep cleaning, like chains or small crevices you can use a liquid Sterling Silver Cleaner. Follow cleaner instructions. (I use Connoisseur’s, you can find it at Walmart or Amazon.)


4. Avoid using anything that is not meant for cleaning jewelry, like toothpaste or other soaps.


Dora's Kisses Jewelry is not responsible for loose stones or stones that fall off after wear.

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