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Layaway Policy & Terms

Your Jewelry will remain on hold. You will receive your jewelry after your last payment is made. You will receive an invoice from PayPal with your terms to the email you provide. You can pay directly through your invoice or with any of the available options at this time. We will send you a reminder to your email on Monday the week your payment is due. Payments are due on Friday. Your list of due dates is provided in your invoice. If you require a different day of the week let us know. 

If you miss 2 Payments without informing us of when you will make a payment we will close out your layaway and put your jewelry back up for sale. You will not be refunded any amount you have paid towards your layaway.

If you are inconsistent with making payments on time, do not pay the required amount agreed upon, fail to communicate on when you can make your payment your jewelry can  be put back up for sale.

Layaway's cannot be canceled. If you change your mind about your purchase your money will be used as jewelry credit; there are no refunds. You can always pay more or pay before your due date to pay off sooner. Any extra amount you make will always go towards the balance owed and not your upcoming payment.

You can add jewelry to your current Layaway upon some restrictions. The higher the amount your owe the more required amount you will be required down. Your Layaway payment amount will change. Your due dates will remain the same. We at anytime can refuse or deny adding additional jewelry depending on consistency or on time payments, current amount owed, etc. 

If you start layaway on an item that is not in stock and plan to pay it off sooner than your last payment date notify us at least 2 weeks prior to doing so to ensure we will have on hand for you at last payment. Any questions or concerns address them to me directly at 512-839-6410.

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